The Glovemaker




The Glovemaker by Anne Weisgarber
Published by Pan Macmillan Australia
Date: 26 February 2019
R.R.P. $29.99




It was really liberating to read The Glovemaker, as it was a little different for me, and from an author I have not read before. I really enjoyed the style of writing and want to immerse myself in more from the talented author Ann Weisgarber. This book had me glued to it, I didn’t want it to end and wanted to keep following the lives of Deborah and Brother Nels.   Even though at times it was troubling, it was also touching, and shared the story of a brave women – a glovemaker.

The Glovemaker is set in a Utah winter 1888, where Deborah Tyler waits for her husband Samuel, a wheelwright, to return home from travels for his job.  When his arrival date passes without a word from him, Deborah worries. To throw her into more disorder, trouble arrives, and like all trouble he claims to just need one night’s rest, but this one bit of trouble changes her life forever.

The author really immersed us into the wintery conditions and isolation of Utah in 1888, I felt remote while reading the book.  I felt the chills of the snow and storms, and the fear that came with trouble.  I also felt Deborah’s constant determination to do the right thing, and her fear of protecting herself, brother Nels, and their small community.

The book is from the perspective of Deborah and Brother Nels – Samuel’s step brother and closest friend.  I enjoyed the perspective of both characters and felt that it gave depth to the story.

“Bare knuckles pounded hard on my cabin door, someone wanting to be let in.  My nerves leaped. Samuel. My Husband. He was home.  Safe.  Finally.  No. Not Samuel.  He’d Call to me…”

The strong sense you get throughout this book is the very deep love that Deborah has for her husband Samuel, she knows him so well that even a knock on the door she can tell if it is him or not.  I liked the insight Brother Nels gave us into Samuel’s younger years, as opposed to Deborah’s thoughts of him now.  Between them he was easily summed up as a true and loving man.

The author has meticulously researched the setting this book takes place in, the Mormon faith, and has developed her characters so well that they come to life throughout the book.  While this book isn’t based on a true story, the background is based on a real place where communities did settle under similar circumstances.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the book and highly recommend it.  Some people may find the language sparse, but I felt it was perfectly balanced to be able to tell the story that needed to be told.

Thank you Pan Macmillan for the opportunity to honestly read and review this book.

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