Where In the World

Fridays at Little Big Reads is all about looking ahead at literacy based programs and events across the globe.  


Today I am highlighting LINC TasmaniaCentre for Family Literacy Canada and Dublin City Council Libraries.

What’s on at LINC Tasmania?

Children’s Art Space – Daily in the State Library of Tasmania Foyer

An initiative of the Allport Library, the children’s art space is available during the Library opening hours.  You will find an art space with comfortable seating, easels, chalk boards, pencils and other items to get creative and draw inspiration from Gould’s Book of Fish.

Make Space Glenorchy LINC – 17 February 2017

New to LINC Tasmania, register a session at the Maker Space (It’s Free!) next week for an introductory class in 3D printing , VR or any other maker activity.

Want to know more about either of these programs? 


Next week at the Centre for Family Literacy Canada…

3,2,1, Fun! – Regular drop in sessions from January 11-March 15, 2017

A literacy program for parents and their children ages 3-5.  It’s a program for play, exploration, story sharing, and song singing.  It’s also an opportunity for parents to learn how to support children’s early literacy.

Books for Babies – Clareview Library session starting Friday 17 February, 2017

This program encourages parents to share books with their  babies to assist in the development of early literacy and language experiences.

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Coming up at Dublin City Council Libraries…

Speaking Words in Pearse Street Library – 15 February 2017

An opportunity for teenagers to listen to and engage in poetry and music.  A regular program once a month on a Wednesday, this program is not just poetry and music but also imagery , prose and short plays.  A diverse literary event.

Book Clubs for Children – Regular weekly events

There are children’s book clubs for infants to teens which are to encourage children to enjoy books, encourage literacy  and to gain tips for reading.

Want to know more about either of these programs? 



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