Living on Hope Street

It was clear in those early words that life for Kane, Sam and Angie was always about living on edge, their days filled with fear and placing invisible barriers around themselves as a means of getting through everyday. I felt my stomach sink and my eyes water as I read those initial perspectives from Kane and Sam, such intensity I have not felt before, the characters minds fueled with sadness and intense fear and mine also.

How to be a Scientist

DK continually creates outstanding informative books for readers, and How to be a Scientist is one of the best yet. There is so much to love about this book and it all begins with the bright cover that instantly makes you interested in what other exciting things may be in the book.

Knock Knock Dinosaur

From that very first KNOCK KNOCK at the door as the book began, if was clear that the book was going to be an adventure. Not only does Caryl Hart bring to us some ACTUAL SIZE dinosaurs who get into all sorts of mischief, she has cleverly included counting from 1-10 seamlessly into the story. It melds together so well that the children won’t even realise that they are learning to count while having a story read to them.

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