Elizabeth Reviews Alice Miranda

Elizabeth quickly whizzed through the Alice Miranda book and it looks like she loved it. so I hand over to her for today’s review.




Alice Miranda Holds the Key by Jacqueline Harvey
Published by Random House Australia Children’s
Date: 30 January 2017






This is the 15th book in the Alice Miranda series. Published in 2017. It is classed as Juvenile Fiction and categorised as “Friendship”.
After having a horse riding accident, early on in the book, the teachers at Winchesterfield Downsford Academy think it is best for Alice Miranda to take a couple of weeks off school before the holidays. While Alice Miranda is meant to rest, drama unfolds. This means¬†adventure awaits for Alice Miranda. Alice Miranda’s Dad’s food company has made many people sick. Add to the story a runaway, an intriguing new neighbour and you’ve got a book you can’t put down!
I have read most of the series and really enjoy the story lines and the characters. This book is no different. I think Alice Miranda is a kind and caring character and the stories are always full of fun adventures.
By Elizabeth. K.


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