Elizabeth Reviews Alice Miranda

Elizabeth quickly whizzed through the Alice Miranda book and it looks like she loved it. so I hand over to her for today’s review.




Alice Miranda Holds the Key by Jacqueline Harvey
Published by Random House Australia Children’s
Date: 30 January 2017






This is the 15th book in the Alice Miranda series. Published in 2017. It is classed as Juvenile Fiction and categorised as “Friendship”.
After having a horse riding accident, early on in the book, the teachers at Winchesterfield Downsford Academy think it is best for Alice Miranda to take a couple of weeks off school before the holidays. While Alice Miranda is meant to rest, drama unfolds. This meansĀ adventure awaits for Alice Miranda. Alice Miranda’s Dad’s food company has made many people sick. Add to the story a runaway, an intriguing new neighbour and you’ve got a book you can’t put down!
I have read most of the series and really enjoy the story lines and the characters. This book is no different. I think Alice Miranda is a kind and caring character and the stories are always full of fun adventures.
By Elizabeth. K.


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