Pelle No-Tail



The Adventures of Pelle No-Tail by Gösta Knutsson
Translated by Stephanie Smee & Ann-Margrete Smee
Published by Piccolo NERO
Date: 29 May 2017



If I were to meet Pelle No-Tail I would tell him that at times I loved him so much, other times I worried for his safety… but then I realised that he is just a curious little cat that just wanted to be everybody’s friend.

I have mixed feelings about The Adventures of Pelle No-Tail, especially with some of the wording which I have overlooked mostly because of the age of the original version of the book.  However, overall it was a sweet book for young readers and will keep them entertained as they wonder what mischief Pelle will get into next.


Early in the book we learn that Pelle No-Tail is Swedish, he is a curious about many things (which is how he found his family),  likes to eat Herring, and is mostly good at making friends except with the neighbourhood cats who aren’t very nice to Pelle No-Tail.

The author who’s work has been translated for the English version of this book, wrote her very first Pelle book in 1939, so it has a long history. Pelle is much loved in Sweden and Swedish children grew up with his stories.

The translators have a note at the beginning of the book which explains about the books being translated to English  and that some words have been left in the original Swedish form, which they have gone on further to explain.

So this is just book 1 in the Pelle No-Tail series but there are more to come soon. If your child likes curious cats, adventure, and mischievousness then they will love reading about Pelle No-Tail.

Thank you to Piccolo Nero for the opportunity to read and honestly review this book.

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