Throwback Thursday – The Lord’s Prayer

This is another precious book that my God Mother Aunty Kerry gave me (treasured even more now she has passed away). She has always nurtured my faith, and this book she gifted me at my christening taught me the Lord’s Prayer.


Compared to books we can get today, the illustrations aren’t particularly visually stimulating, and some pages are darkish in colour but I adored them. The arm of Jesus reaching down to his people, the little children raising their arms, the angels with their trumpets and the animals surrounding Jesus all telling a story even without the words.

Like a lot of books in the 1980’s the back of the book had other books in the series, which I have a couple of.  I don’t remember spending as much time reading the others as much as The Lord’s Prayer though.


As an adult I like that it has reference to the bible verses the Lord’s Prayer is taken from on the title page.  The front cover is beautiful, with Jesus arms open wide.

This is just another of those special books that I have kept from my childhood that bring back beautiful memories and that I love to share with you, my blog readers.

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