Bring Me The Head Of Ivy Pocket



Bring Me the Head of Ivy Pocket by Caleb Krisp
Illustrations by John Kelly
Published by Bloomsbury
Date: 1 June 2017




Things never go right for poor Ivy Pocket, and in this third novel things keep going from bad to worse…or should that be from mad to madhouse, or perhaps even from on the run (still) from Miss Always to Disguise at Butterfield Park? Whatever it should be, Ivy Pocket does not disappoint in this her final book…yes you heard me right I am dreadfully sorry to say that there will be no more books about the incorrigible and infuriating Ivy Pocket.


All that aside, where to begin with the latest from Ivy Pocket? Oh that’s right, she is on her way to London…and so book three beings…

Ivy Pockets journey to London is not an easy one, even when she reaches her desitination she thinks she is being chased by one of Miss Always goons as she refers to them. Not trusting anyone, especially when it comes to the clock diamond. There are many twists and turns as always when it comes to Ivy, including the introduction of two of her…that is right I said two…just when you thought one was too much!  But do not fear my dears, all is not as bad as it seems and for Ivy the trilogy ends with some wonderful, normalish changes with a lot of quirkiness on the side.

Many of our favourite characters are back including Rebecca, Lily, Miss Frost, Lady Elizabeth, Miss Estelle, and the ever scheming Miss Always.

IMG_3541.JPGMy Observations about Ivy Pocket over all three books is:

  • She is a true friend and loyal to those she cares about…even if she is not the most conventional about it.
  • Not very trusting of anyone and thinks they are all part of Miss Always henchmen.
  • Trouble follows her wherever she goes.
  • She never gives up whether knowingly or unknowingly.

From these observations you can see that there is a lot to learn from Ivy, despite..ahem…her way with words, she has got your back if you are proven trustworthy and not a part of Miss Always entourage.

Some of my favourite lines in this book are:

  • “Stuff and Nonsense!”
  • “Utterly stupendous, dear,”
  • “So you see dear, it’s been rather a marvellous adventure”

While the language that Ivy uses may not suit every reader, she always has her best intentions at the core of it.  Reading all three books is a must as there are breadcrumbs throughout each of the three novels while Ivy is on her missions that lead us to the end of the triology. I leave with you  the words of C. Krisp, Esq…

Well, dear reader, that brings our adventure to a close

Thank you to Bloomsbury for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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