Code 7 Review and Interview

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I am excited to share this book with you today because I am not only sharing a review about a super positive and encouraging book, but I have also had the pleasure of interviewing the author Bryan R. Johnson and will be sharing that with you today too!
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Code 7 by Bryan R. Johnson
Published by Candy Wrapper Inc.
Date: 5 September 2017




Code 7 had me guessing from the very beginning, as I read each story I was trying to work out just what each code was. When I got to the end of the book and realised what the concept of Code 7 was, it made me love the book so much.

So, let’s start from the beginning…

There are 6 individual stories about different characters and they all come together at the end, with a new character joining them and they become Code 7. One of the stories is about Genevieve and about how she loves animals and her caring nature. The story shares her journey through a school egg project.  Interestingly this story brought back memories for me as I did a similar project when I was at school. I must admit, I didn’t work out what Genevieve’s code was…but can you?

The other stories follow on with a similar pattern, each a special story that is unique to each character. All have a code, none of them I guessed.

The letter that opens the book inviting you to crack the code made me determined to try and work it out. Each person in these stories have their own code, but across the world many of us have the same code yet we use it in so many ways which makes us unique.

The whole concept of your code is that it’s what you live by, for some it may creativity, or happiness, action or even friendship. For me my code would be FAITH because that is what I live by, my faith is very important to me and I walk in it and share it each day

Overall I think this is more than a book, it empowers children to believe in themselves and what they have to offer to those around them.

Interview with Bryan R. Johnson

I just want to extend a huge thank you to Bryan for taking the time to answer my questions.  I hope you all enjoy what he has to say as much as I did.

1. I absolutely loved your book Code 7 and feel that it will empower children to believe in themselves, was this what your aim was when writing this book? or did you start out with a different concept?

Each night when I was putting my children to bed, I’d make up a story for them on the spot. I always made the children protagonists in the story and I could watch their faces and see how engaged they were: their emotions and their brains racing. It was fascinating to experience storytelling with them because they just loved it. After that, I decided to start write these stories down.

2. Having children yourself, were they the inspiration behind this book?

Yes. I find a child’s mind to be one of the most beautiful things in the world. I love to hear how they think, talk, express ideas, and learn.

3. The positive message that comes out of this book has been further enhanced through the Code 7 website. It is wonderful to see so many children involved and sharing their code. I imagine this will have even more people sharing their code once the book is published in September. Did you expect so many people to share their code?

I’ve been very pleasantly surprised at how warmly the book has been received by other children.

4. What is your code? why?

Each of the words in Code 7 plays a major part in forming my own values (Authenticity, Character, Care, Responsibility, Perseverance, Courage, and Become).

The last word, become, is built upon the idea that we’re at a unique time and place in human history where we can increasingly author any kind of world that we can imagine. This includes, for example, the ability to program computer software, biology, genetics and hopefully soon, neural code – some of the very things that we’re made of! Humans have authorship on a level that we’ve never had before, which raises a really important question about what we want to become because it’s increasingly becoming an enlarged area of opportunity.  I’m really excited about the potential.

5. What were your favourite childhood books?

Harold and the Purple Crayon, Berenstain Bears, Chronicles of Narnia, Dr. Seuss,Curious George, Treasure Island, Robinson Crusoe, and Where The Red Fern Grows, to name a few.

6. Will we see more books that empower children in the near future from you?

I think you’ll see more books, though I can’t say for sure whether or not they’ll fall into the same category. I find writing to be incredibly enjoyable.

Thank you Bryan for your time and spreading a positive message to children.

Want to know more about Code 7? Head to Code 7 Website and take a look at codes and perhaps you could share yours.

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  1. I personally loved the book. It taught me to be me and I always will be. The author made me realize how you can be different.


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