Say Zoop!

Say Zoop! by Herve’ Tullet
Published by Allen & Unwin Children’s
Date: 27 September 2017
R.R.P: $22.99




I am sure many of you have seen Herve’ Tullet books before and know just how much fun they can be.  For those unfamiliar with this author, be prepared to go on an adventure where you will Ohhhhhh, RaaaaahWahooooooAand ZOOP!


Say Zoop! is a book like no other, Herve’ Tullet is unique in his approach to literacy and learning. This whimsical, colourful, interactive book will have your young child singing, SHOUTING, and whispering their way through it.  This book is a set of ideas and directions that engage the reader in activities and idea forming. For example: The children use their fingers to run along the shapes, lines and splodges when reading the ideas and directions, such as:

Look, A trampoline! Careful. It can get a bit bouncy! AhAHAHAAAH, WAAHAHOO, WAAHOO, OOOOOHHOHOH, BRAVO!


This book is great for child development. In particular, fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, critical thinking, following basic instructions and language development, just by the simple act of engaging with this book through touch, listening to and repeating words, and understanding the link between the ideas and actions.  More importantly (in my opinion) is that it feeds the imagination, and encourages the reader to think creatively.  


There are only two issues I have with the book, the first being that I feel that the text seems to get lost among the illustrations, making it difficult for the young or new reader to read the book for themselves.  Secondly, I often look at Herve’ Tullet books and think they are too long.  However, as I spent time going through this book I could see how a 4-6 year old child would be just fine with the length of the book, and given that it is completely interactive the whole way through their attention is not likely to sway.

I think this book is just right not only for 3-6 year old, I believe this book would be a good learning tool to have in the classroom for kinders and preps, and would be an asset in school libraries.  Learning can be fun, and learning without realising your learning is even better.

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Thank you to Allen and Unwin Children’s for the opportunity to read and review this book.


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