Star Wars – The Last Jedi – The Visual Dictionary



Star Wars: The last Jedi Visual Dictionary by DK
Published by Penguin|DK
Date: 15 December 2017
R.R.P. $29.99



Before I go forward with my review, I have something to confess…I have never watched Star Wars or read any of the books.  I shelve them all the time at the library because they’re so popular but have never really been a big fan like the rest of my family is… Phew…so now I have been honest I feel that I can give you my review of The Last Jedi Visual Dictionary from the opinion of someone who is just learning about Star Wars.

When I saw The Last Jedi Visual Dictionary I knew I needed to share it because I know that there are so many people out there that would love it, especially with the movie recently premiering.  I also wanted to share this book because DK are the masters of Non Fiction books for children, so I knew that it was going to be outstanding even before I opened the first page.


—-Warning Spoilers Ahead—-

The cover makes and impact from the outset, the red armour a standout that makes you want to dive into the book to discover more.  Each page has amazing clear and sharp images and the information is detailed which is good for an almost non existent Star Wars follower like me and I am happy to say that my knowledge of all things Jedi has improved.

The picture of the galaxy is visually captivating, there is so much detail in it that I began to realise just how complex Star Wars is when you’re a newcomer.  There is reference to Colonies, the Inner Rim, Fleet Command, Resistance Starfighters, Canatonica and Droids. There is also epic cuteness in the book especially on the Temple Island page, the Porgs particularly caught my attention and look so cuddly (You can find out more about Porgs here).  The Thala-Sirens are a curious creature and there is just something about them that grab my attention even though there was only a small amount of information on them.  The book isn’t just about the characters both cute and a little more confronting – like the Praetorian Guard – but also reveals technology and locations used on the film.  I think the end pages are something special as they are a full page image of a couple of key characters in the movie.

The text in the book isn’t overly complex which means that it can be read by child and adult, as long as you’re a fan of Star Wars.  Reading it before seeing The Last Jedi movie may even give the reader useful knowledge while watching it.  I don’t believe you need to see the movie to enjoy the book though, it is a fun read regardless.  The index is comprehensive and makes it easy to search for specifics easily, and every inch of the book is filled with images and labels about them – including the back cover.


This book is not only great for the person that loves Star Wars in your life but also for children (or adults) who love facts and anything to nourish their curiosity.  Overall The Last Jedi Visual Dictionary is informative and fans will love it.  There’s still a few days to pick one up for a Christmas surprise.

“May the Force be with you “

Thank you to DK Australia for the opportunity to read and review this book.


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