This Book Isn’t Safe! & New Years Wishes

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As promised here is my first review for 2018 and just to make it more fun I will be doing a give away too, details are at the bottom of the review.
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This Book Isn’t Safe! by Colin Furze
Published by Penguin Random House
Date: 30 October 2017
R.R.P. $29.99


Before I decided to read this book I thought I would find out more about Colin Furze.  I knew he had a YouTube channel, but I didn’t quite know his inventions are so cool until now.  My thoughts at the time were if his book is as good as his channel, then it will be a while lot of fun with a side of crazy, and a pinch of practical advice.

This book isn’t safe! is Colin Furze first book of practical inventions for girls, boys and parents to do at home.  His YouTube followers wanted to know how to do his inventions so he has piled all the best into these pages, as well as some surprising facts about him that all his fans will love.

I am not normally influenced by the cover of a book, but with a title saying it isn’t safe and a picture of fire burning a piece of paper, it was the only reason I wanted to read it.  When I also saw it on the shelves at work recently the cover jumped out at me and I knew then that I was not going to be the only person wanting to read it because of the impact of the cover.  As I flipped through each page I was quite interested in the section on how Colin makes his YouTube Videos, this includes him using his super duper camera, tripods, GoPro, camera, laptop and the list goes on.  Who knew there was so much involvement in making his YouTube videos.

This wasn’t the only part of the book I found interesting, there are many parts of the book that make it a fun and interesting read:

The alert on the page about needing adult supervision is both funny and a great reminder to wear the right safety items.  Colin has a way of making light of things but being completely on point about safety.




Colin shares that he loves inventing stuff, usually with a purpose but not normally something that could be sold in stores.  I have to agree that inventing stuff really does look cool.



I like that Colin shares how his Brian  oops Brain works (inset belly laugh here if you wish) when he comes up with an idea.  I think one of the most important points on his list is that he checks that no one else has made the idea





I had fun doing the what type of inventor are you quiz…I was hoping to be a Mad Scientist but Master Builder seems to be my calling.



The instructions on how to do tasks such as how to drill holes into wood is practical and it is great to have everything you need to know to do experiments in the book.

There is only one thing I really disliked in the book and it was the use of the word idiot,  I think it is one of those words that are overused and can have a negative impact on people no mater what their age is.  In this instance it is only used one time (that I recall) and for most of you it will be a non issue.

As I mentioned previously the purpose of this book was for Colin’s fans to know how he does what he does and how he has achieved this.  He has covered all bases, including how to make the videos, safety, world records, instructions, materials and even a section where you can make up your own inventions.  It has a little bit of something for everyone and that is why I think it is a book that will be of interest for the whole family.  So what are you waiting for, go get inventing…oh actually before you do that take a look at my giveaway below!

Thank you Penguin Books Australia for the opportunity to read and review this book.

Winner has been drawn, Congratulations Adele Smith and thank you for entering.

So do you want to win this book?  I have a copy of Colin Furze’s book This book isn’t safe! It is very simple to enter, just say hello in the comments section and you will automatically go into the draw to win.  For an extra chance, head over to my Instagram – follow me, like the the post talking about this book and tag a friend.

The competition closes on Friday 5 January and is open internationally.  Winner is chosen at random.  Happy Competition Entering!

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