Peppa Pig: Chinese New Year



Peppa’s Chinese New Year
Published by Penguin Books|Ladybird Books
Date: 5 February 2019
R.R.P. $9.99



Peppa Pig is a favourite of many children, and what I think makes them so popular is that the author continually writes about familiar topics that relate to a large audience.  Peppa’s Chinese New Year is one of these topics and gives children a glimpse of a festival that is celebrated world wide.

Peppa and her friends learn about Chinese New Year at school where Madame Gazelle teaches them about this celebration.  They learn about the significance of the colour red while making cards, they eat some treats, and participate in a dragon parade.  They finish their day with the POP, POP, POP of fireworks in the sky.


I find there are a lot of words in Peppa Board books which means they can be used quite easily with different age groups.  For babies, it is a perfect opportunity to point out items on the page; for a toddler and three year old children, you can read the whole story to them but also talk further about any other Chinese New Year traditions you may be familiar with.

Overall, I believe this is a lovely book that will encourage curiosity about Chinese New Year for those that are unfamiliar with it, and will be a source of celebration for others.

Thank you Penguin Random House for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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