Hello and Update

Hi All

It has been awhile and so much has been happening that I thought it was time I popped by and updated you all.

It was a particularly big year for me so I took a little blogging break and started reading some books for myself, rather than just mainly concentrating on children’s books.  I really missed the blogging community and have been thinking of ways I can still blog but balance my work life and reading for myself as well.

So, over the coming months there will be a few changes.  I will still be Little Big Reads and will pop on occasionally to post reviews for both children and adults.  I will also post some other blogs about reading and books in general.  I also want to support Local and Australian authors, so hope to do a few profiles.  If you are an author, let me know and I will feature you on my blog.

I look forward to being back in the new year.

Thanks for all your support over the past year.


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