Nature Play Workshop for Families

Nature Play Workshop for Families by Monica Wiedel-Lubinski and Karen Madigan
Published by Quarry Books
Date: 14 July 2020

What I first thought when I flicked through Nature Play Workshop for Families the first time was that my sister-in-law would love it for her children. They are always getting out into nature, and the children have quite the imagination when they do so.

There is actually quite a lot to love about this book. Firstly, there is so much vibrant colour throughout that you just want to keep turning the pages to discover more. The photos are also an incredible array of colour and discovery, drawing you in to keep learning and reading from the book.

The pages are neatly displayed with a description of the experience, materials you need, the process and how you can extend the experience further. I particularly like the ‘Keep it Wild’ section on each activity, which encourages you to give back and embrace nature, it’s about discovering what happens when you let nature be. The book covers experiences for each of the seasons, as well as year-round activities that are not confined to time.

A section that many carers or preschool teachers will find quite beneficial is the ‘Voices from the field’ section. Nature-based educators have come together to share their wisdom on how you can explore nature with children while linking them with child development, social interactions and personal connections.

The templates at the end finish the book off so well. These can easily be photocopied to use with a classroom or with a group of children so they can observe nature and chart changes. There is a wonderful template for a scavenger hunt which does have a squirrel on it so it won’t suit all countries but will give you great ideas for developing your own.

I think this book is going to be a fantastic resource for many. It has so many ideas that will spark your own imagination to try new and wonderful things in nature.

Thank you Netgalley and Quarry Books for the opportunity to read and honestly review this book

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