Puffin Little Series

Puffin Little: Snacks, Composting and the Solar System 
Published by Puffin Books
Date: 2 July 2020
R.R.P. $12.99

This little series teaches our smallest learners BIG facts. They are a fantastic new series of non-fiction books by Puffin|Penguin Random House that are simple and engaging but packed full of information. The first three are on Snacks, Composting and The Solar System and are the perfect size to fit into a travel bag to discover on a long trip, or to use in the classroom for finding fun facts and practical application.


‘Hello, little cooks welcome to my kitchen…’

This first few pages introduce us to the book and suggest having a big cook help the little cook. There are areas in the recipes that are colour coded, so little cooks know they need a big cook to assist – got to say I love that because it makes it easy for the children to understand when they need assistance.

The recipes are all relatively healthy and talk positively about eating healthy foods such as fruit. The book also covers details about how to prepare food, has easy to read directions, with tips and tricks throughout. The tools section is really detailed and is under headings of what you do with them, e.g. Chopping and slicing, measuring, and cooking. The illustrations are quite simple, but you still get the gist of what your meal should look like


‘Hello, little environmentalists welcome to my garden…’

If you have a little environmentalist at home, then they are going to love this book on composting. It takes your little reader through what composting is, why we should compost, a recipe for compost and how you can care for it long term. The glossary at the end gives your little reader insight into what specific terms mean and the quick quiz completes the book and tests their knowledge.

For a small little book for small little people, it is jam-packed with information that is explained in a way that children understand. The illustrations are fun and details and make a good accompaniment to the text.

This book is perfect for use at home and would also benefit a school kitchen garden because of its detail.

The Solar System

‘Hello, little scientists welcome to space…’

This is the third one in the series and is a whole lot of fun for your budding scientist. This book is in shades of blue and white and takes your little scientist through each of the planets. It breaks down the statistics for each of the planets, with some fast facts about its distance from the sun, length of the day, length of the year and some other fun facts.

There are lots of fun facts throughout, and the glossary enhances the reader’s knowledge by helping them understand what some terms mean. The illustrations are in black and white and could easily be coloured in. 

All three of these books would make an excellent addition to a classroom and have been well put together. They are compact and easily transported for a long ride in the car where you can quiz each other about the fun facts.

The most exciting part is there are three more coming later in the year, so stay tuned.

Thank you Penguin Random House|Puffin for the opportunity to read and honestly review these books.

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