The Way Home in the Night

Lights in doorways, bikes leaning on buildings, baby rabbit, the moon and balloons all adorned the pages at some point in the book. They tell me a story of parties, a street at night, bed time and people waiting for someone to come home. I could go on for some time about how much I enjoyed the illustrations and the impact they had on me, but overall, they were just delightful.

Dino Riders

What is there not to love about dinosaurs, now that they are extinct that is… Author Will Dare brings dinosaurs alive again and makes them seem even more lovable in both ‘ How to Tame a Triceratops’ and ‘ How to Rope a Giganotosaurus’ .

“Makena Walsh inhaled the smell of the sweet spring grass as a gentle breeze tickled her face and a crop of sweat rolled down her cheek. Soccer was an awesome and simple game, and there was nothing in the world she loved more than being outside, playing with friends, kicking and running free.”

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