The Lost Library

The Lost Library by Jess McGeachin
Published by Puffin/Penguin Random House
Date: 1 September 202
R.R.P. $24.99

Until recently, I was a librarian. I loved my job, not just because of the books, but the people are one of the most treasured parts of a library and all that it has to offer. My love for libraries meant that I had to get myself a copy of The Lost Library, and the experience was just as magical as I expected.

Oliver knew all about books, it was the one thing he was confident of when they moved house. But when he found a fluttering one in his new closet, he knew he had to find the owner of it. Oliver enlists the help of his neighbour Rosie, and together they go on an adventure past books on tennis and toucans and past trees full of books. It’s reading a book that saves them, and friendship gained.

I know I say this often about books, but it’s true, there are so many things to discover in each of the pages – one thing in particular on each page. Can you guess what it may be? On one of the last pages is a clue on a drawn library card slip!

Jess has dedicated the book to his mum and librarians who he calls the keepers of the magic, such a lovely tribute and one I wholeheartedly agree with.

The illustrations are a beautiful balance between mysterious and just enough detail to create a balance between what’s in front of you and your imagination. I am wondering if Oliver is meant to represent a younger Jess because they look very similar.

I really love what this book represents and that Jess still sees the wonder there is in books and libraries. I love that imagination can take you anywhere no matter what age you are. It’s great that writers like Jess are teaching children that your imagination can take you to some wonderful places, including into The Lost Library or just your regular (always magial) local library.

Thank you Puffin/Penguin Random House for the opportunity to read and honestly review this book

Did you know in the midst of this pandemic that many libraries are still offering a variety of services, some of those online. Be sure to check out how you can support your local library service during this time and make use of all their wonderful researches.

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