Just Out – The Dog Encyclopedia for Kids


The Dog Encyclopedia for Kids By Tammy Gagne
Published by: Capstone
Date: 1 February 2017
Format: ARC
Source: Capstone Young Readers

I give this book:



To put it simply….I LOVED this book!

I didn’t mean to shout of course but how could one resist this book when there is such a gorgeous face on the cover?  To be completely upfront I am generally not an animal person but I was drawn to this book from the minute I saw it.  As soon as I saw the title I felt it would be a hit with children.  In fact it not only is a book to read and admire, but also a wonderful source of information when a family is choosing a new doggy.  Just like this one below.


The book is full of fun facts, solid information on the dogs appearance, personality, and training notes.  The glossary in the back of the book is thorough in its explanations and pronunciation of dog related terms, such as Tricolour (TRYE-kuhl-er) meaning to have three colours.

The photography entices the reader to go slowly through each page, enjoying the pictures of some gorgeous dogs.  There is also great value in the care notes which help prepare new owners of how active the dog may be, does the hair need brushing everyday, and are they suitable for small children.

This is a delightful read which I highly recommend if children are about to choose a new dog as a pet.

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