A Conversation with Corinne Fenton & Giveaway

I had the pleasure of spending time chatting with Corrine Fenton and visiting the Words and Windows Picture book Exhibition at Eltham Library in Melboure yesterday.

Corinne and myself


For those unfamiliar with Corinne, this past Christmas the Myer Windows were based on her children’s book, along with illustrator  Marjorie Crosby-Fairall ‘One Christmas Eve’.




As I walked around the exhibition and enjoyed the displays and artwork, I observed just how beautiful a person Corinne is.  The author greeted both children and parents with such warmth and friendliness , always with a story to tell about her books. A very approachable person with a passion for picture books that just oozes from her.  Today I am sharing with you some of the conversation we had around her writing and books.

Some of Corinne’s books

We share a common thought:
Just like I do, Corinne is a big believer in picture books being for everyone no matter your age.  This information gave me joy because there is so much to gain from getting lost in the pictures in a picture book and often the message of the books are a learning experience for the reader.

Inspiration is everywhere:
Although there is a common theme of animals that run throughout Corinne’s books, this has not been intentional.  Her inspiration is found all around her, Corinne could be sitting in a coffee shop and will see something and start taking notes and a book starts forming in her mind.

Favourite children’s picture book authors:


Corinne has this list of favourites, however through our conversation it was evident that The Velveteen Rabbit rated very highly and has been a favourite for a very long time.  Corinne also spoke very fondly of Margaret Wild’s work.

What’s next for Corinne?:
I had the immense pleasure of looking at Corinne’s next book called ,My Friend Tertius. This book is very special to Corinne and one that needed to be told.  It has taken Corinne 10 years to write and is based around World War 2.  It will be out this March.

It was an absolute delight to spend time with Corinne and I bought one of her books, Little Dog and the Christmas Wish.


Want a signed copy for yourself?  Leave a comment on this blog post about what your favourite children’s book is, either as a child or now and why.  The draw will close by midnight (AST) this Thursday 9 February.

Stay tuned for more on the Words and Windows Exhibition in the next blog post. Meanwhile you can find out more about it at the YPRL Website.

Want to  know more about Corinne Follow her blog – http://corinnefenton.com/

8 Thoughts

  1. Not necessarily a picture book, but I love Enid Blyton books! From a very young age I would get lost in the stories, especially the magical ones (Faraway tree/wishing chair etc), and now my kids love them! Every time I find one at an op shop or garage sale I grab it, as there are sooo many that I haven’t read. Her writings are easy to read and engaging 🙂

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  2. John Brown, Rose and the midnight cat! This was a favourite with both our children, and was read every night. We had our own old English sheepdogs as the children were growing up, and as we lived on the edge of a rainforest, we didn’t want to have cats! This book helped us all in so many ways. Later, we became great friends with Jenny Wagner and we still have at least one rather ragged copy!

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  3. Gosh, so many to choose from! From my childhood I would say Peter Rabbit and other tales by Beatrix Potter. I loved borrowing these little books from the Library, and seeing the wonderful illustrations. The little animals almost came alive! At the moment, we really enjoy reading the Hairy Maclary and Slinky Malinki books to our son who is 3. Written by Lynley Dodd, there are great rhymes on every page, and I love all the different names of the cats and dogs. Lots of fun!

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  4. It is so lovely to hear from you Clare. Beatrix Potter is such a classic author, I always thought they were such special books growing up. I cannot believe your young boy is three already, that has gone so fast. Children of his age really enjoy books that rhyme, it makes it a lot of fun for them. Thank you for your entry in the giveaway, I will be announcing the winner on Friday.


  5. Three faves from myself, Sofia and Flynn 😊
    Me …. most definitely hands down Anne of Green Gables!
    Sofia …. Green Sheep! Still has her copy from her 1st birthday (present from Aunty KA).
    Flynn …. The Little Wooden Horse! A random buy but without a doubt an absolute treasure of a find.

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  6. You guys have great taste. Anne of Green Gables and Green sheep are two of my very favourites. Thank you so much for dropping by and entering the giveaway, winner will be announced on Friday.


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