Words and Windows Exhibition

If you read my previous entry  you will see that I spent some time looking at the Words and Windows Exhibition currently being held at Eltham Library in Melbourne Australia.  I really enjoyed spending my time looking at memorabilia, sculptors and illustrations inspired by the very talented Australian author Corinne Fenton.

Words and Windows is based on Corinne’s writing and her ability to capture real life, reflecting on experiences of many generations of Australian children.


The exhibition got me thinking about how literacy resources come in many forms.  Children’s literacy skills are developed through books and reading, through conversation and learning new words, from sounding words out and counting, from music and art, through play and science…and the list goes on.  This exhibition captures some of this, as the children look at the art they are learning and using their communication skills, they are playing in play spaces, they are being read to, and all of this is helping develop their literacy skills.

This exhibition shows just how valuable a trip to the library can be.  It’s no longer about the shhh mentality, but it’s about learning through hands on experiences and not just the written word.

The sculptures were part of the 2016 Myer Christmas Window display & the illustration is by Marjorie Crosby-Fairall from One Christmas Eve written by Corinne Fenton.

So if you get a chance, take the time to go and see the Words and Windows Picture Book Exhibition and enjoy making new discoveries through the world of literature.

The exhibition runs until Monday February 13 during Eltham library opening hours.
More information can be found on the YPRL website.

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