Throwback Thursday

Barbapapa’s Christmas

By Annette Tison and Talus Taylor


I have vivid memories of reading this book as a child and one other which I cannot recall the name of, but I suspect may have been called Barbapapa’s new house, or was it the music one?  It doesn’t really matter but it is bugging me that I cannot recall it.  That aside I decided to share this today because it is one that mattered to me.  There are books that come and go, there are books that stay with you and this is one of them.

I was blessed to be encouraged to read books as a child, I did not need much encouragement though because I was one of those people that would hide reading under the covers late at night.  Yes that scenario with a torch under the covers does really happen and  yes I often got caught. I am thankful though that I was encouraged to love books and was given the resources to grow this love.

So back to the Barbapapa’s; I have always been very interested in illustrations in books and while these illustrations weren’t deeply intricate or involved  I loved taking my time looking over the pictures, every single detail.  I believe part of why I love reading is because I like to get deeper into the ‘story’ and spending time looking at the pictures is part of it.

The Barbapapa’s are some sort of creature? animal? I have never really thought too deeply about it as they are just what they are.  They can change shapes, although when Barbapapa saves the day in this book and becomes the Christmas tree I worry that he would get tired (yep I go that involved in the book)… yep i’m empathetic.

This book is about finding the right Christmas tree, however the Barbapapa’s are conscious about cutting down animal homes and care about the environment.  So Barbapapa comes up with the solution to turn into the tree himself.  It is a simple story, with few words but I loved it and I still do.




Barbapapa makes an awesome tree


So it seems I am not the only one who loves barbapapa’s as I found some other great websites and literacy tools that extend the book experience.  Here are the links for you to have a look too!

Playing by the Book –
Barbapapa Website –
Interactive Story App –

I didn’t know:

  • The book was also an animated series – short 5 minute cartoons.
  • According to Wikipedia Barbapapa is a shapshifting blob who stumbles upon the human world.
  • The books were originally written in French.

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