1000 Books Before School


Read at least three stories a day; it may be the same story three times.  Children need to hear a thousand stories before they can learn to read. Or the same story a thousand times! – Mem Fox





Author Mem Fox is a great ambassador for early literacy and reading for school readiness, and her thoughts about reading three stories a day can be achieved with the support of the 1000 books before school project.

You’re probably wondering what it is all about?

Let me tell you…

What’s it all about?

The 1000 books before school campaign encourages literacy and learning at home for babies through to age 5.  The program encourages parents and carers to create positive literacy experiences in the home such as reading daily to your child.  Reading 1000 books may seem daunting but the program organisers explain that this can be achieved in just three years.

Reading and storytelling from a young age encourages language development, creates positive home and library experiences and increases school readiness.  This early reading program is more likely to assist your child in having a positive attitude towards reading as they grow.

Once joining the program you and your child receive a pack which includes a tote bag, reading record and stickers.  I have seen children proudly bringing their tote bags into the library.  Each book that is read to your child is recorded and a sticker is then placed in the reading record (children love stickers!)

Why is it such a good program?

  • Reading is good for the brain so the more you read from a young age, the better it is for brain development.
  • It is gathering families together to read together.
  • Creating fun memories.
  • Research shows that early literacy experiences such as reading and storytelling increases vocabulary, reading readiness and prevents future difficulties with reading.

How can I get involved?

Either fill out a form online from this link – https://www.slv.vic.gov.au/1000-books-before-school-registration-form

Or visit one of the participating Victorian Libraries at this link – https://www.slv.vic.gov.au/1000-books-before-school

Reading Ideas:

  • Visit your locally library regularly, borrow books and attend programs.
  • Make story time fun and interactive by using different voices, being loud the quiet, getting your child involved by getting them to help you with the words.
  • Children like repetitiveness so read those same books over and over (it is good for development too).
  • Act out books.
  • Listen to story tapes.
  • Extend the story session by doing a related craft activity.

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