Howgwarts in Ballarat…A library Spectacular

A couple of weeks ago on international Harry Potter day (I confess I didn’t know this existed) there was a very popular and sold out Harry Potter book event taking place at the Ballarat Library.  While I couldn’t get to there myself, the staff at Ballarat Libraries (you can find them on Facebook here) kindly sent me their photos to share with you my blog readers.

The event was magical, with people young and old dressed up for the occasion, taking part in trivia and a butterbeer stall.

There were Hogwarts letters, quidditch balls, broom sticks and owls in cages.  Books of spells, quills, sculls and pictures on the walls, the team who put this together has thought of everything you can imagine when you think Hogwarts.


I hope you all have enjoyed this little journey into the magical world of Harry Potter. I think we can all agree that Ballarat Libraries poured all their creativity into this and have very much met every dream of the hundreds of fans that turned up for the Harry Potter spectacular.

Perhaps I will see you there next year…

*Many thanks to Ballarat Libraries for allowing me to use your photos.




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