Lila and the Crow

“Lila’s heart grows as heavy as two stones…”



Lila and the Crow – written and illustrated by Gabrielle Grimard
Publisher: Annick Press
Date:11 October 2016

I give this:


Oh lila, from the outset my heart felt so sad that you were not accepted because of your dark hair, eyes and skin.  The sadness in your eyes and the rejection you felt in the school grounds is where many children have been.  I am glad I got to read your story but I am sad that it happened in the first place…

I feel my words cannot do justice in explaining just why I loved reading Lila and the Crow so much. From the outset Lila’s story had an impact on me, bullying in any form is NOT ok.  I felt a genuine sadness in my heart for Lila as she played alone, hiding under her cap, jumper and glasses.

The illustration of Lila’s eyes drew me into the story as it summed up all her feelings in one picture. The colours depicted the mood throughout the book and in pictures where Lila was all rugged up walking, I felt the wind moving and the trees rustling.   I want to get lost in more of Grimard’s illustrations.


The book is a moving story about bullying that is done in a manner that is gentle while still getting Lila’s story across.  Grimard has taken the feelings of many children within the school yard and shown how words can sadden and damage the soul; fortunately this story doesn’t end in sorrow.  I felt the crow in the story was very symbolic, particularly because she eventually sees the good side of the crows and takes that lesson and turns her situation into a positive.  I was cheering for Lila and as it says in the book She is magnificent!”

This book would be good to use from ages 5 and above for the book to be its most impacting, and in the situational section of a library. I highly recommend this book.

…So sweet Lila, I am glad your story ended  well and that happiness was found, you were brave and strong and I hope others are brave and strong after reading your story

I received this book from the publisher Annick Press in exchange for an honest review.  This does not affect the content of my review.

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