Board Book – Stripy Tiger Pattern Book


Stripy Tiger Pattern Book text and illustrations by Jane Foster
Publisher: Five Mile
Date: 2016

I give this:


You can be certain that when a creative person such as Jane Foster creates books for babies and toddlers that you are in for something special. When a couple of her books were purchased for the library they caught my eye and I was instantly engaged.

Stripy Tiger is a wonderful colour explosion, with hues of greens, yellows, purples, pinks and oranges, where you’re instantly engaged with the pictures.  As the title suggests the pages and illustrations are a pattern wonderland of stripes, swirls, stars, checks, spots and triangles.  Not only will your 10 month old and above be engaged by the colourful book, they will also be introduced to patterns and shapes that will extend their early literacy skills.

The book has so many options when reading it, you can just concentrate on the patterns, explore colours, read the words or do all three in one sitting.  Children will relate to the pictures as Jane has used cats, fish, trains, trees, stars and rockets.  This book is a tool for early language development by pointing out each picture naming each item and giving sounds where applicable. For example: Train (the name) and choo choo (the associated noise)

I love this and others of Jane’s that I have read.  This book is a colourful adventure that is engaging and will no doubt be a favourite to many children.



Did you know that Jane has a Website & Etsy store?

Here’s a look at another of Janes board books ‘Brown Bear Colour Book’

Please note these were books I borrowed from a library and all these opinions are my own honest thoughts.

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