Top Dogs

Top Dogs is out in two days and I highly recommend this for any children that loves dogs. It is not only fun to read but is full of wonderful facts and information that could be used for school projects.  I was surprised at just how little I knew about dogs in history so I hope that the content is also full of surprises for you!


Top Dogs: True Stories of Canines That Made History By Elizabeth Macleod.
Publisher: Annick Press
Date: 14 March 2017

I give this:

Before I even picked up the book I was laughing and instantly intrigued after looking at the cover of the book. If I was to spot this on the library shelf or book store I know I wouldn’t be able to walk past it.  As I turned each page I realise that I was not aware that dogs had been such a big part of history.  I was most surprised that dogs were used in World War 1 & 2, and the first guide dog was used in 1928.  I think these part of history are not often celebrated and this book is unique in the insight it gives into the history of dogs around the world.  Given how many dogs that are companions to humans it is great that we are learning more about them and their past.

The author has captured some beautiful moments and used
some wonderful historical and new pictures.

The small WOOF sections (small facts) is a fun way of adding more information.  One of my favourite WOOF facts are that The average pet dog can understand words and language at about the same level as a two year old human. I like the lines of dots that are themed throughout the book as it resembles following a treasure map and adds another level of fun to the book.

The pictures are a wonderful addition to the information in the book, and some of the older pictures give great insight into the history of dogs in the battlefields.  Using dogs in World War 1 & 2 and with police forces is great factual information for children’s school projects.  The headings at the beginning of chapters and titles throughout the book are very eye catching due to the smart choice of colour, spots, different sized words and fonts.  It really appeals to me and I know it will appeal to other readers too.

The timeline in the back of the book is not only informative and fun to follow but is also a little bit whimsical.  Elizabeth Macleod has managed to put together a book that is not only factual, but also engaging.

History will become a loved area of interest through reading this book, and although it is essentially about dogs, key dates and parts of the worlds past are highlighted throughout. This book will be much loved by both children and teens alike…ok and adults too!

I received this book from the publisher Annick Press Publishers in exchange for an honest review.  This does not affect the content of my review.

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