Dog On A Train

Some books don’t need words because sometimes the illustrations are so beautiful and intricate that the story speaks for itself and this is what Kate Prendergast has achieved in her book Dog One a Train.


The dogs owner, a young boy rushes from the house and as he does his hat drops to the floor.  Dog picks it up and begins a journey of getting that beloved hat to his owner. There is so much scope with this book, the author has drawn the illustrations for a particular story line however I can see wonderful stories being developed by the imagination of the reader.


The illustrations have been sketched with the odd touch of red pencil throughout.  The contrast between the grey pencil and red is a beautiful blend of colour while not distracting from the purpose of the illustrations.


This book can be read to any age child because you can easily make the book as long or as short as you like.  I believe it would make a wonderful group story time book that all the children could get involved in, sharing their interpretation of the book.

I cannot really express just how special I think this book is.  Not just because it is a beautifully illustrated book but the author has captured the mateship between a boy and his dog, which teaches children about friendship and equality.

If you haven’t already got this book then I recommend that you buy it or borrow it from your local library.

I received this book from the publisher Walker Books Australia in exchange for an honest review.  This does not affect the content of my review.

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