Platypus by Sue Whiting
Illustrated by Mark Jackson
Published by Walker Books
Date: This edition 1 February 2017




This book captures this beautiful native Australian animal in all its beauty, the Platypus.  Hurrying. Scurrying. Always moving. Always busy. Always looking for a meal. Platypus is perpetual motion – never still. These poetic words capture the life of the mysterious platypus, who reside in their freshwater dwellings hiding in their burrows on the banks.

As you turn each page, you discover that in the murky waters lie little surprises like dragonflies that I see from the corner of my eye, the bats that are hanging from trees and a Yabby crawling in the shallows.  True to their nature you barely notice the platypus as it peaks the very top of its bill above the water before it begins moving again foraging for food.

The illustrations are indescribable, unique and beautiful to the eye.  Mark Jackson appears to have used a certain palate of colours which are almost camouflaging and further respects the true nature of the platypus habitat.  The illustrator was the perfect choice for this book.

This beautifully and factually correct book can be used in two ways, as a non fiction information source and as a story book.  The large words are more poetic and designed to be read in the form of a story, and, the smaller words are read as prose.  The information is not only factual but gives some history and a key date that explains the first and somewhat disbelieved sighting of this unique animal.

The writer has captured the rare beauty that the platypus is and clearly respects and understands this animal and has the right words to share this with the reader.  I appreciate that the author has given a short but thorough write up at the back of the book aptly titled The Puzzling Platypus.  This title reminds you of how remarkable the platypus is, very few are seen in the wild but when you do spy the shy monotreme it is a magical moment.


I agree with the age recommendation for this book of 5 and above.  There are some tricky words which even the 5 year old will find hard to understand and some of the topics in the book may require further conversation with the younger reader.  The book is a wonderful source of learning and a book that would make a much loved one on one read.

I received this book from the publisher Walker Books in exchange for an honest review.  This does not affect the content of my review.

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