Hello…A Little Note From Me


Dear Readers

I thought I would pop by and let you know of what is coming up and what some of the changes are.  First I want to say thank you for visiting my blog, liking my content and saying hello occasionally. I love to hear from YOU my readers so feel free to comment or email me, I am open to any suggestions and love a chat.

When I started the blog I was rating the books, I have since decided not to rate the books that I review because I am unlikely to review a book that I don’t think is suitable.  My reviews are always honest so you will know from it how much I like a book or resource and why.

I do have more teen and tween reads coming up, I am juts in the process of reading and gathering material.  There are some exciting titles coming up though and they will be well worth the wait.

I have some guest bloggers coming up, including my teen/junior reader Elizabeth. This time she will be reading and reviewing an Alice Miranda book.

Keep stopping by and I  look forward to getting to know you all with time.

Happy Reading.

Allison (Library_Geek)

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