Ten Minutes a Day…

I have always been an advocate of parents reading to their child at least three books a day, which children’s author Mem Fox suggests is a good way to encourage pre literacy skills for your child. Today when I stumbled upon the following pamphlet at the library I thought it was worth exploring further.


What I discovered is that this pamphlet comes from a NSW libraries literacy initiative. It is directed at parents, in language that parents understand which means no library or teacher jargon that is confusing. It gives parents (which may be you reading this) ideas on how to start reading to your child, it is a lot easier than you can imagine.

Some of the ideas include:

  • Find a comfortable place to sit.
  • Visit your local library to borrow free books.
  • Read  your child a favourite book, a familiar book and new story each time.
  • Take other opportunities to read to your child, such as reading signs and identifying letters.
  • Make it fun, don’t get too worried about words especially if your child likes to wiggle and squirm.  Taking time to just look at and discuss the pictures can be just as valuable as actually reading a story.

If you want to know more the website has some wonderful ideas and resource suggestions. You do not need to live in Australia to gain value from the ideas, the recommended reads, links and resources are universal.

Ten Minutes a Day Website: http://www.tenminutesaday.com.au/links.html

Video from Ten Minutes a Day Website

Even the Wiggles want you to share a book today 

International Initiatives:

Share your thoughts, ideas  or any questions in the comments.

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