Who Has The Red Bow Tie?

Today is not really a book review as such, but questions really.  I’m curious what others thoughts are about this book.

The Facts:

The book is called Who has the red bow tie?
Written by Jake McDonald
Published by Five Mile Press

I picked up this Board Book yesterday out of the returns library chute to consider for a review.  I went through each page and realised the content looked more suited to a three year old than your usual board book reader, babies.  Now I am not stereotyping the book but I would love to hear what others think.

The book is a spot the difference and I feel like the it would get lost in the board books section in libraries and on bookshop shelves, rather than being borrowed for the young readers who would be actively seek out the differences. From the pictures below do you think the content is too advanced for 1 year and under? Also, do you think getting the right format of a book is integral to the success of the book.

Comment below and tomorrow I will talk about this more based on what everyone has to say.



2 Thoughts

  1. I’ve never picked books suited to age – a good book is a good book! Both kids have loved look and find type books since they were very little; when they’re younger maybe I do more of the finding but they give you lots to talk about beyond what’s written on the page. It’s an interesting way to learn colours/shapes/animals etc.
    In terms of shelf placement you may be right – older kids would certainly get a lot out of the book, but the best thing about a good, fun book is that you start reading it when they’re born and you get YEARS of enjoyment out of it! Bargain! We have some here we’ve been reading to Henry since day one that he still loves. They’re his comfort books now. And Viv loves some of his newer, longer, big boy favourites that would probably be considered too old for her but she remembers bits and pieces and takes it all in!


  2. I would think 1-3 years. Caden loved the Sandra Boynton books when he was younger and being able to point out patterns and colors helped the learning process a lot I feel. Mind you, between 2 and 3 is when he first started realizing different colors really existed and pointing them out! So yes I would say better for 1-3 year olds.


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