Board Books are NOT just for babies!

So in a previous blog entry I posed a question about the board book called ‘Who has the Red Bow Tie” and whether its content was too advanced for 1 year olds and under.  I got a couple of responses on here and on Instagram and I must say I loved each of the comments.

theloudlibrarylady says: “I agree it’s definitely older content, BUT I also think that board books appeal to much older than babies…”

Verity says: “…a good book is a good book! Both kids have loved look and find books since they were little; when they’re younger maybe I do more of the finding but they give you lots to talk about beyond what is written on the page…We have some here that we’ve been reading to Henry since day one that he still loves…and Viv loves some of his newer, longer, big boy favourites that would probably be considered to old for her…”

Beka J says: “Caden loved the Sandra Boynton books when he was younger and being able to point our patterns and colours helped the learning process a lot I feel.”


This librarian…yes me,  was very close minded when first seeing this book.  I am not one for putting books into a “box” normally but I have always thought of board books as books for baby.  I was pleased to hear from others about board books appealing to more than babies, I am always saying picture books shouldn’t be limited to an age so why should board books.

This book provided this librarian with a lesson and this librarian is pleased to learn.

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