This line has got to be my favourite in the book and I can hear many mammas and dads saying this about their own children just like Antoinette’s mum, Mrs Bulldog. I was delightfully surprised at how lovely this book is and want everyone to have the opportunity to know about it too.




Antoinette by Kelly Dipucchio
Illustrated by Christian Robinson
Published by Simon and Schuster
Date: February 2017





I first must mention that this book has introduced me to the artist Christian Robinson, and I love the illustrations he creates. There is something unique and engaging about his artwork and I am hooked.  In fact I am now keen to get the book Gaston just so I can see more of his illustrations.

It is also my first time reading anything by Kelly Dipucchio and I am so glad that I am now familiar with her work. Her writing is fun, easy to read, engaging and entertaining. The story line for Antoinette is particularly lovely because it teaches children that each person is unique and has talents, but sometimes it takes a little time to discover just what that is.

I find great value in stories like Antoinette because to a child it is simply a story about a dog, her family, her friends, discovering abilities and one missing friend Ooh-La-La!  As mentioned previously though, the story is much deeper than that and is teaching children affirming messages in a way that they understand, and about feelings. 

Chin Up Antoinette

Adventures are had and little Antoinette goes on a personal journey discovering just how valuable she is, despite at first not being so sure just where she fit in. Even Gaston pops into to say hello.

I love that Antoinette was unstoppable 

I liked that given the book was set in Paris that there were some french words throughout the book which exposes children to other languages, with the words simple enough for children to pronounce.


Want to know more about the authors? 


I highly recommend this book and think that it will be a great read for a story time session and one on one. I believe that Antoinette will become a favourite of many children and is sure to delight the grown up reader too.  I know I am adding it to my ever growing list of best reads because this one is to good to dismiss.

Have you read it? What did you think?

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