Braille – On the Move

It’s not a review today, I just really wanted to share this braille book that I found in our collection at the library.  I  love seeing inclusive books in the library, I wish there was more though, I wish anyone with any ability to could walk into a library and find more than just a couple of books on the shelf for them to look at.



On the Move: Knowledge You Can Touch by DK
Published by DK|Penguin Random House
Date: 2016





The reason I am not reviewing this is because I have no idea what constitutes a good book for the blind.  I do know that I can share what I think about it from a seeing persons perspectives.

I see this book as a thing of beauty.  You’re probably asking why? Or maybe you see the beauty in it too.  I see beauty in inclusiveness, in access for all, in all society having access to books. I love that the book is about cars, tractors, planes and helicopters just as books for seeing children would be.



I like that the book has words and headings so an adult can read to their children whether the children is blind of the parent is blind.  The pictures are raised for non seeing readers but are also beautiful in colour for those who see.  This is a beautiful combination of inclusiveness.

There are more in the series including books on shapes and animals, which are familiar topics for children.

I am hopeful that I will see more books in the library that fit naturally into the collection where people with challenges can come and borrow books and are not limited by choice. I guess you can call this my dream that I am hopeful is one day a reality.  I know there are specialised libraries out there for the blind, but why segregate when there is no need to?


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