Nature Explorers – A Stem Experience

There are four books in this series but I have only managed to borrow three so far from my library.  These books are designed to encourage your child to explore nature through facts and activities, and are simply just beautiful pockets of information.

IMG_2108.JPG “Weather”, “Seashore”, & “Birds”- Explore Nature with Fun Facts and Activities
Published by DK & Penguin Random House
Date: 2017

Each of these books are a little treasure trove of information and facts.  As I turned each page I was quit excited what I found. Facts and activities that are engaging for children but also a scientific learning experience.


The books are recommended for ages 6-8 years, however I believe they are perfect for any inquisitive person, particularly for those that find science daunting.  The reason I feel certain they are good for learning because there is not too much information on each page, there are practical experiences for the user and they written in a form that is easy to read.

Ice Needles – If fog forms in very cold air, the tiny water droplets that make up the fog freeze onto everything they touch.  The ice builds up in thick layers called rime.  This is often swept into strange shapes by the wind

If your children or students like reading non fiction then I am sure they will enjoy this 3 (4 if you get them all) books.  I know as a child and still even as an adult there is always so much to talk about with others when reading factual books such as these.

The illustrations and photographs are a beautiful addition to the books, lots of stunning colours and pictures children can relate to.


DK are well known for publishing factual, good quality books for children that can be trusted for accurate information.  They have certainly thought about the size of the books as they would easily slip into a parents or carers handbag or child’s backpack.


I simply love these books and wish I owned a set.  Why not borrow them from your local library and see what you think for yourself.

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