Throwback Thursday – My Bible Story Picture Book

My Bible Story Picture Book

By Brenda Mills


This book is another childhood favourite, given to me by my beautiful late aunt and Godmother.  It wasn’t until I been until I have been going through these books that I truly realised just how much my aunt supported my love of reading and literacy.  From such a young age I was blessed by all the adults around me to be gifted so many books.  This is a tradition I uphold myself to this day when giving gifts to new babies and children.


I don’t think the reasons why I love this book so much have changed since I was a child, fundamentally it was because It was so much easier to read than the bible when I was little and has pictures.  It not only kept me engaged through the word but also through the illustrations.  Today, we have access to so many types of bibles compared to when I was a child but I feel for the time it was the perfect book for me.


What surprises me about this book is that the pictures are still quite bright, even though the white backgrounds are going that brownish colour of aging books and smells old.

I appreciate that I got to know these truths as a child in a form that suited my learning style, and that it is accurate biblically. Each page has the bible verses noted and and questions to encourage further thought about each story.


This is one book I will cherish for always. It is special for so many reasons and it is my hope that it can be special for other children someday too.


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  1. Alison, I had an activity bible similar to this when I was a child. It had parables interdispersed with colouring in and puzzles. I loved it to falling apart death. Even better the local doctor’s surgery had a different version that I grabbed each time I visited. I still have my first communion bible and 3 mini bibles- all signed with fellow students, teachers, and youth group messages from times past. I do no practice my faith formally anymore however these bibles are precious to me as they carry so many memories of my childhood and teenage years.
    Love the range of books you bring back to us each Thursday!

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  2. Hi Angela
    how lovely that you have your own treasured memories of your bible activity book, it actually sounds like an awesome book and something I also would have loved as a child. Thank you for sharing what is precious to you.
    It is sad that Faith is no longer is part of your life but I am glad you still have those lovely bibles.
    I am glad you enjoy the books I bring to you each Thursday…slowly getting to the bottom of my books I have kept.
    Thanks for stopping by and saying hello 🙂


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