6 Minute Stories for 6 Year Olds

I was quite excited when I saw this book in the library catalogue, I placed a hold and awaited its arrival.   My nephew is turning 6 next month and I wanted to see if it would be something he would enjoy.  It’s a little big silly, a little bit funny, there are dinosaurs and ginormous pumpkins and wobbly teeth, all the things children 6 years of age love.



6 Minute Stories for 6 Year Olds by Meredith Costain & Paul Collins
Illustrated by Anil Tortop
Published by Koala Books
Date: 2017






The book is just as you would imagine, small stories that would make for great bedtime reading.   When I read each story I could tell that the authors certainly know what a 6 year old wants to read.


The words are written in quite a large size, making it very easy to read.  There are black and white illustrations throughout which break up the stories a little which is particularly helpful for a 6 year old who is learning to read.


There were some stories that I did not enjoy, such as the Ghost in the Graveyard and the Great Zombie Soccer Match.  I felt that the these two stories were more suited to an older age group and could have been replaced with two different stories.

Overall though, it was a lovely book and it would make a great bedtime read as it gives the reader a small goal to reach each night.

The authors have also written…


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