Different? Same!

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Different? Same! by Heather Tekavec
Illustrated by Pippa Curnick
Published by Kids Can Press
Date: 2 May 2017


“We are all different , as different as can be…But now look closer” 
and just like that I was engaged from start to finish, the author had captured my attention and imagination from the first page.


This engaging book will delight children, being an interactive experience from beginning to end. Conversation will flow about how the animals have differences and many similarities.  In a story time setting this book is going to be a lot of fun with a lot of noise and engagement from the children.

This book is good for cognitive (brain, memory, learning) development.  It is also encouraging the reader to recognise differences and similarities in the animals such as how many animals have webbed feet, live in the ocean or have six legs? The author is also teaching children how to count, and supporting language development by counting how many animals have the similarities and the interaction about these.


The names of the animals are featured in light text to guide the reader with the more unfamiliar animal names.  There is also some useful reference information at the rear of the book about what different animals parts do, such as the stripes on the zebra which help them hide from their enemies.


The illustrations are the right mix of playful and lifelike. The Illustrator has used a nice palette of colours that make their illustrations enjoyable to look at. Both the author and the illustrator have celebrated diversity well in this book.

This book is classified as Non Fiction, however I would use it in a story time session, mainly because it is so interactive and is presented like a picture book.

Children of all ages will enjoy this book and be encouraged as they begin to understand that….. “If you look close enough, it soon becomes clear… we’re not as different as we first appear”

Thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher for the opportunity to read and leave and honest review of this book.

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