Building Faith Block by Block



Building Faith Block by Block by Michael & Christopher Ross
Published by Harvest House Publishers
Date: 1 June 2017





This is a fantastic book where the world of Minecraft meshes with Jesus and Faith.

What I love about this book is that the authors have brought together a super popular game and paired it so cleverly with the word of God and applying practical lessons into real life.  With this book tweens and teens will gain knowledge of the game as well as thinking about  lessons learnt from the game in a biblical perspective.  Some of these perspectives include regularly praying, talking with God and thinking about how you want to live.

The book is largely interactive, gets you to write down your own thoughts or dream up your own minecrafty masterpiece, and the stories that go with it.  The author has a very creative mind and had me intrigued by the stories, which will be equally enjoyable to the tween or teen reader.  The game play secrets are fantastic and give the reader more food for thought.

Essentially this is a devotional book with a difference and I like that the authors have thought outside the box. I think it is very special that it is written by a father and his 14 year old son, along with the addition of a Kid Advisory team with consisted of children ranging from ages 7 to 16.

The topic and bible verse guide in the back of the book is a wonderful addition to the book, it makes a quick reference if the reader wishes to look up the verses at a later stage.

Overall, this book will make a wonderful addition to your child’s Minecraft collection.

Thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher for the opportunity to read and honestly review this book.  

*Please note the photo has been used from the publishers website and the original can be found at Harvest House

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