Fairy House Cooking



Fairy House Cooking by Liza Gardner Walsh
Published by Down East Books
Date: 30 May 2017




I know so many boys and girls (and adults too) that will love this book, and it is sure to become a cookbook and party favourite.  Liza Gardener Walsh has put together a Fairy House Cooking book that has recipes and party fun that will delight the palette and have your child pouring over the pages for hours, deciding what to cook and how to put their fairy picnic or party together.


From the outset I was most impressed with how inclusive this book is, firstly the book mentions how most of the recipes are nut free and highlight allergy warnings which are bold and easily noticeable.  Also, a lot of people associate fairies with girls, however there are photos of boys involved cooking and participating in the parties, I applaud you Liza Gardner Walsh.


One of my favourite sections is towards the end of the book, this features an outdoor section of “recipes” consisting of mud pies, grass stew, bark sandwiches, and birdseed cookies.  There are many other delicious recipes that can be made alongside a grown up including real fairy bread, magic fairy wands, purple power puffs and fruit wands. There is a balance between sweet, savory and healthy delights to fill hungry fairy stomachs.


The instructions for the recipes are very well written, with information about different fairies, some interesting information about the recipe and very thorough instructions. The book features tips on cleaning up, notes on safety, difficulty levels measured by fairy wings, and cooking tips.

The photographs will have you and your little fairy wanting to go straight to the kitchen and cook some delicious treats and set up your own fairy oasis.  With a combination of crafts, cooking and creativity you will come to discover that “It’s a very special honor to be invited to tea with the fairies, for only those who truly believe will be blessed with the rewards of their presence.” (Dawn)

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read and honestly review this book.

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