The Artistic Literacy Experience

Recently I did a couple of different story times based on dinosaurs at two different libraries.  I was excited to use the Knock Knock Dinosaur book by Nick East that I recently reviewed at both the story times and it was a hit! Both sessions were different sizes so the other books I chose were based on those groups, so the other books I used were different at each session.

As I have always stated, the craft is an extension of the learning experience and is a literacy experience in itself.  I prefer to do crafts that the children are able to do themselves with as little adult direction, however working in the library there are also the parent expectations. There is a fine balance between my personal philosophy and what is expected of me in my role as a Librarian.

I thought I would share with you what the children created.  I loved what the end results were, I really enjoyed seeing the process and how excited they were to share their completed crafts.

This first learning experience required some adult help, what I loved about this one was that there was no paper wastage as we used the cut out pieces to go inside the dinosaurs. Aren’t they just gorgeous, there was a lot of discussion between the children and their parents and the delight on their faces when they shared them with me at the end was fantastic.

This second learning experience was about dinosaur bones and when I introduced this part to the session to the children I showed them what I had created but I said I wanted them to use their imagination and that I couldn’t wait to see what they come up with.  It was so lovely to see them deciding what a dinosaur skeleton looked like.  This type of literacy experience is more in line with my philosophy.  Enjoy their pictures, I love them.

Although I haven’t shared a review with you today, perhaps you can take inspiration from these pictures and extend your children’s storytime into an artistic literacy experience.

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