Throwback Thursday- A Little Golden Book

Each time I do a Throwback Thursday post, I am always reminded how very blessed I am to have been exposed to the wonderful world of literacy from such an early age. I am sure most of us have grown up with the Little Golden Books, I know that they were a staple book in our house and we had many. I still have Heidi that was gifted to me from my nanny and poppy just before I turned 1.


One of my fond memories of the Little Golden Books was looking in the back of the book to see which books I had already read or I needed to get. Carefully scanning the numbers and titles, hoping for new books.  Nothing has changed, I am always hoping for new reading material even though I have a shelf full already.

I also loved looking at all the characters on the last page, Raggady Ann, the Pokey Little Puppy and the Little Red Tug Boat. Amongst my favourtie books were Goodbye Tonsils (I read this one a lot and is the one I remember the most), The Little Red Caboose, My Little Golden Book About God, and We Help Daddy; each special for their very own reasons.

I noted one thing in particular when looking at this book, the pictures have retained so much of their colour, the pages are strong and apart from a few folds in the corners, the fading of a few areas the book has lasted very well for the last 39 years.


I had not realised until recently that these books were still being published, in fact one was published last month called Margaret Wise Brown’s Manners.  These books have continued to remain relevant since the 1940’s and delight young readers across the globe.

I would love to hear from you my readers on what your favourite Little Golden Books are or have been in the past.  Leave a comment and let me know.

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