Ruby Wishfingers: King of the Castle



Ruby Wishfingers: King of the Castle by Deborah Kelly
Illustrated by Leigh Hedstrom
Published by Wombat Books
Date: 1 June 2017


If you haven’t met Ruby Wishfingers before, you wouldn’t know that she gets 12 wishes a year, these make her fingers tingle and need to be used thoughtfully. You also wouldn’t know that her parent’s don’t believe these wishes exist, that her brother Jellybean can make things appear and disappear, and that grandma has wishes too.  These wishes were inherited from Ruby’s great great great great grandfather Wishfingers.

Last spring, Ruby Wishfingers lost one of her wishes and wants to find it with the help of her cousin Todd. Before Ruby can search she uses some of her new wishes on her little brother Jellybean because of his mischievousness, many of which are funny…but not to Ruby.  Once the search gets underway, Todd quickly finds the missing wish but he decides not to give it back to Ruby and creates havoc across town.

Ruby Wishfingers lives in Australia, and her books are just the right size for your new reader. Small chapters which are easy to read, with a constantly exciting storyline will see the book finished in no time.  This is not the first book about Ruby, with three prior to this one that are just as full of adventure as this one.

For any girl or boy (or grownup too) that likes glitter, sparkles, lots of mischievousness, family, and someone with great imagination, then Ruby Wishfingers: King of the Castle is definitely one that needs to be on your list to read.

So, what happens when Todd creates havoc with the missing wish? We can talk about that when you read the book!

Want more Ruby? Check out her awesome site:

Thank you to NetGalley and the Publisher for the opportunity to read and review this book.

Please note that the pictures in the post have been copied from the book and are not mine.

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