Agatha Parrot and the Thirteenth Chicken

I have been wanting to share this book with you guys for ages, but had to wait until publication day of course.  I am so excited that I now get to share Agatha Parrot with you. She was a lot of fun to read about and I hope you enjoy hearing about her book.



Agatha Parrot and the Thirteenth Chicken by Kjartan Poskitt
Illustrated by Wes Hargis
Published by Clarion Books
Date: 27 June 2017




When you open a book and before you even get to the first chapter you read a statement that says “No chickens were hurt during the course of writing this book, because chickens are good and we LIKE chickens” you know the book is going to be a little bit quirky and a lot of funny.

Living in Odd Street and going to Odd street school are a group of friends – Agatha with the wild hair, Bianca the bubble blowing trombone player, Ellie the scared one, Ivy who would eat spiders over cabbage, and, Martha who searches the couch cushions for old potato chips.


Now that we are all introduced, lets look at how the book begins…

Hiya! I hope you like books written by somebody who once tipped a whole box of cornflakes over her head. That’s me!” , that’s Agatha.  She then goes on to tell the reader (that’s you and me) that she is not completely crazy but it is at this stage that I was beginning to think there was going to be at least some craziness.


It all begins with something new happening at Odd Street School and when Agatha learns that it has to do with eggs and incubators the excitement begins. To get those chickens to hatch there is even a chicken song (that you will need to discover for yourself) that was sang so much that it became very annoying to some people (not me, I promise!).  The chickens before and after they hatched created a lot of excitement at the school and when Agatha and a couple of her friends were chosen to look after some chicks for a weekend that is when the hilarity and mayhem began.

Now to tell you anymore about what happens would be spoiling it for you but I will say I like the character names in this book.  With characters called Miss Wizzit, Mrs Twelvetrees, Miss Barking, Mrs Potts (the lunchroom lady) Miss Pingle, Poor Old Motley, and Miss Bunn you now there is going to be creativity in their personalities and each of them added a unique angle to the story line.

With a purple chicken, dreams of mammoth chickens, lumps in the wallpaper and Agatha Parrot, you and your child are unlikely to put the book down until you get to the end.

A great read for tweens and highly recommended by me.


Just a note to say, sorry I have been quiet this week but I have been on a road trip and mini vacation.  I will be blogging regularly again next week.

Thank you to NetGalley and the Publisher for the opportunity to read and review this book.

Please note the pictures I have used have been copied out of the book and are created by the illustrator.

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