The Sloth Who Came to Stay

I wasn’t sure what this book was exactly going to be about, apart from a Sloth Who Came to Stay of course. I could only imagine that there would be an element of slow to the book, I did not expect there to be such strong and emotive message for adults. Although I am not a mamma it certainly illustrated to me how our busy, fast paced lives that we continue to fill, shape how we are as a family (not just those with children) and dictate our lives.  It takes something, like the Sloth in this picture book, to make us stop and realise just what we are bypassing when we are speeding around.  There is so much to see, appreciate and love when we are reminded to take our time.



The Sloth Who Came to Stay by Margaret Wild
Illustrations by Vivienne To
Published by Allen & Unwin
Date: 28 June 2017
R.R.P: $24.99 (Hardcover)



The Sloth Who Came to Stay is a beautifully written and illustrated picture book that I am so pleased to have in my collection of books.  The book has very funny aspects to it, and the sloth is completely adorable.  When I opened the book for the first time, I was instantly engaged in the story…Amy’s family was the Speediest family in the world…I felt rushed by those first worlds and the picture was spot on in showing just how speedy the family are.  I was not worried about this rush, but I was quick to turn the page and so the book continued.


When Amy found her new friend the sloth, life began to take a different turn for the speediest family in the world because sloths are slow.  I have to say the sloth will melt your heart, so beautiful drawn and so well portrayed in the story.  The bugs and flowers growing in his hair consistent throughout, his little eyes drawing you in and gradually slowing you down.  This little guy had not only stolen my heart but captured my attention and saw me taking in each page without the need to speed…read!



IMG_2892As the story progresses, Amy’s family become slower, gained more time for quick jogs around the block which turned out to be slow because sloths are not known for jogging.  The family were able to take the time to look at the stars, chat with the neighbours, paint, and go on picnics.  Those weeks that sloth visited saw the speediest family in the world gaining a new perspective on life and family.


I won’t spoil the book any further for you because really this is a must read book, I encourage you to pick one up for yourself or borrow a copy from your local library. I will say that the last couple of pages I found the most funniest of all.  This book is a beautiful tribute to taking time, looking at the world around and appreciating all it has to offer even if it is literally just to stop and smell a flower or to smile at your neighbour.

I will be using this book for storytime and feel it is most suited to 3 and above when reading in a group.  However, this book can be read to all ages of course and it definitely has a message to all us adults to take the time for the simplest things.

Thank you to Allen & Unwin and the author the opportunity to read and honestly review this book.

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