Introducing Teddy – A Story About Being Yourself


Introducing Teddy: A Story About Being Yourself by Jessica Walton
Illustrated by Dougal MacPherson
Published by Bloomsbury
Date: 31 May 2016



The world is made up of people that don’t look the same, they like different things, have different coloured skin, speak different languages, like different music and eat different types of food.  No two people are the same, not even twins. In this book, everyone expects bear to be…well…bear! Like he has always been, a boy bear named Thomas, it’s how he was born…or so his friends think.

As the book begins, Thomas is worrying about something and is not his normal cheerful self. Unfortunately for Thomas he feels too scared to talk about what is making him sad, especially to his best friend as he is worried he won’t like Thomas anymore. Sometimes it is scary when we feel different than what is expected of us. Fortunately for Thomas, he gains the courage to share his worry and beings calling himself Tilly.


Just because Thomas is now Tilly, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t like doing what she has always done.  Her days are still filled with playing at the park, Swinging high on the swings, having tea parties, riding bikes and being loved by her friends.  This book teaches us that it is ok to be different, it is GREAT to talking about your feelings especially with your best friends and loved ones, and most of all it teaches us to be who we are.



Regardless of whether you agree with the content in this book, all bears, children and adults should NEVER feel ashamed about who they are.  I am a Christian and I am not ashamed of that so why should someone who is a different race, wears glasses, lives with Asperger’s, ADHD, physical differences, being scared, not being able to read or write, or just like bear…no longer being happy as Thomas but finding joy and peace in being Tilly.


Thankyou to Bloomsbury for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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