D-Bot Squad Books Giveaway Winner



Hi Everyone,

I really enjoyed doing this giveaway, one reason being that I love these books and I am excited that others get to share in this. The second reason being that the answers to my question were so creative and fun to read.

I want to say a sincere thank you to all who entered and to announce that Lindsey has won due to her very cool D-bot idea.

My dbot would look like a metal stegosaurus, and each spike along his back would have a built-in function – Dino GPS, cooler for water bottles… the necessities for cool dbot missions. His name would be Lego. Lego, my stego. 🙂

Lindsey, please email me on alliwinchester@gmail.com with your postage details.

More book reviews coming soon.


2 Thoughts

  1. Yaaaay!!! I am so excited!!! Oh my gosh my daughter and my students (I am a pre-k to 2 librarian) will be sooooo thrilled! Thank you! Will email you!


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