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I am going to do two posts on the BookTrust Letterbox Club initiative, over a number of days and not necessarily in a row.  I feel there is so much to share about this wonderful literacy program that one post just won’t do it justice. Although it is an initiative in the UK and I am in Australia, I have readers from all over the world including the UK and I am hoping that others will be inspired by this and take action for those children that are missing out on the joy of reading and numeracy.

I would also love to hear about other programs like this if anyone wants to share.



A few months ago, I came across a very inspiring website called The Letterbox Club that is based in the UK, and is run by BookTrust. I was instantly intrigued by what the initiative was and I reached out to the site and was sent one of their packs so that I could share it with you, my blog readers.

The purple parcel set is an Early Years Foundation Stage which is designed to support 3-5 year olds.

The BookTrust is a charity that reaches over 2.5 million children across the UK through books and resources to support literacy needs.

For a more thorough explanation I hand over to the perfectly formed words from their website  “Our books and resources are delivered via health, library, schools and early years practitioners, and are supported with guidance to encourage the reading habit. Reading for pleasure has a dramatic impact on educational outcomes, wellbeing and social mobility, and is also a huge pleasure in itself. We are committed to starting children on their reading journey and supporting them throughout.”

So you can see that the clubs main focus is to inspire the love of reading, through the focus on engagement, confidence and enjoyment.

How to Participate
The program is for children in the UK that:

  • Authorities have deemed at risk in order to support their educational outlook.
  • Children in Schools where they have been recognised as someone who would benefit from the program and children on the edge of being in care.
  • Families can make enquiries through the local authorities and schools themselves to see if their child would be suitable for the program.

The Process
What I like about the process is that the parcels get sent to the Local Authorities and the Schools and they personalise them before posting them or passing them onto the children involved.  The children receive 6 packs between May to October.

What Can You Do?
I am in no way affiliated with this website in anyway but I do believe in helping where I can in an initiative that I believe in. If you follow this link, you can find out how you can assist the Letterbox club.

Other ways to spread the happiness that comes from reading is to donate books to:

  • Charities;
  • Schools;
  • shelters;
  • Early Learning Centers;
  • And, Hospitals.

You could also look into what your local Government is doing to support reading and literacy, or start your own charity to support children.

My Thoughts
What I find incredible and something that is easily overlooked because my own childhood was filled with books and reading, is that for some children who are part of this program may have never owned their own book before.  There are so many children across the world that may have never owned or seen a book before either.  While I understand and recognise that some families need food, shelter, clothes, and blankets; with books being their last concern, there is something powerful about the written word and how it can be uplifting, moving and inspirational, and gives knowledge and tools that can inspire change and growth.

Part 2 to follow in a couple of days – I will be sharing with you the contents in the 3-5 year old pack and what the roll of each item is.

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