Throwback Thursday – The Enchanted Wood

Enid Blyton has never strayed far from children’s bookshelves, and her books are still so very popular today.  One thing I see as a Librarian is that parents trust the content in Enid Blyton books because they read them as a child, they know the content and understand them to be a safe read for their child.

In 1987, I was blessed to win a prize for our schools peddlers parade for presentation and manners.  I was so excited to be peddling my dads famous toffee which most likely had sprinkles on top…Neither mum or I can remember what I actually dressed up as but I still have the treasured book I won, The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton.

The Enchanted Wood

By Enid Blyton

Illustrated by Janet and Anne Grahame Johnstone


It is interesting that I call this my treasured book, you see I don’t think I ever finished reading it. I truly did love it, I was beyond excited to win it but I have never really enjoyed fantasy type novels and I think perhaps that started long before I was an adult.  However, I have decided that I will read it through before the end of this year.

I did however spend a lot of time admiring the illustrations that Janet and Anne Grahame Johnstone have done so beautifully. Each picture is a work of art, the illustrators seem to have a particular talent for faces and hair.

This face intrigues me every single time I look through this book. 

As I mentioned I never finished the book but I did read some of it. I started to get to know Jo, Bessy and Fanny and their excitement in moving to the country in the first chapter, and it certainly gives you a feel for the excitement they have about what they might find in the enchanted woods.  I am actually disappointed that I did not finish this as a child because I imagine that looking at this through the eyes of a child would have been something special if I had just persevered.

The faces are amazing and are so beautifully drawn.

I recommend this book all the time in my job as a Librarian and I do so because there is a lot of imaginative situations in the book with no swearing and safe topics. I am finding that most of the books by Enid Blyton that are being returned to the Library are The Secret Seven and The Famous Five.  I remember my sisters and cousin reading and loving these.

I am glad I got to share this book with you today and I would love to know if you are a fan of Enid Blyton’s books? Do you have a favourite? Where you like me as a child and didn’t make it through to the end of the book?

2 Thoughts

  1. Hi Allison, as you know I gave away my Blyton collection recently. However I had to keep one! (Those Dreadful Children). When I was reading these books as a child I was a bit lonely and so my favourite stories were invariably about a group of childhood friends. The Adventurous Four; The Famous Five; The Secret Seven, The Boy Next Door, St. Clare’s, Malorey Towers, and, Barney and his dog Loonie in the “R” Mysteries. They gave me what I was missing a fun group of friends, action and mystery. I was so happy every time a new title came out in each series!
    I also loved the Faraway Tree and it’s quirky dwellers.


  2. I am glad you kept at least one for yourself! I am sorry that your you were lonely, makes my heart very sad but I am so glad that the world of books was able to be your companion. xoxo Thanks for sharing your story Angela,


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