Spot the Difference – Building Site


Spot the Difference: Building Site by Sophia Danielsson-Waters
Illustrations by Sadie Thomas
Published by DK Australia
Date: 14 August 2017
R.R.P: $12.99


DK continually make books that are both educational and fun for children that encourage conversation, thinking and reading; a well rounded literacy experience. This book, Spot the Difference: Building Site is fun and interactive, giving the reader a variety of spot the difference activities on each page.


The author has chosen items that are familiar to children, crocodiles hidden on swords, fish for hammer heads, a cat hidden in bricks, and a carrot as a ladder rung. The differences aren’t always obvious which actively encourages children to use their problem solving skills. This book also encourages children to think creatively, logically and to recognise patterns, each skill important for the early childhood development.


In my experience, children get quite excited about diggers, trucks, cranes and other building site construction, so the author has really thought about her target audience by choosing this topic for her book.

The bright colours are inviting and the author has written important words in bold so that important words on each page are notable e.g Find a little ladybird


At the end of the book is a section showing where all the items are on each page.  This can be used either for the grown up, or both the child and adult to see if they found everything.

I recommend this book for preschoolers and others in the series; Animals, Things That Go, and Out and about.

Thank you to DK Australia for the opportunity to read and honestly review this book

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